Nexteer Automotive Tychy

43-100 Tychy śląskie

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Nexteer Automotive Tychy


  • Welcome (Punkt)

          Welcome to Nexteer Automotive plant in Tychy-Poland, one of 25 locations so far globally.         At Nexteer 30.000 people work every day to produce and deliver steering systems of a perfect quality.   This is where the steering-magic happens – my name is Radosław Bury and I will be your host today.

  • Test track (Punkt)

         Welcome to our Test Track a place in Nexteer Automotive where we have different road surfaces to simulate actual conditions on the streets.      Here we perform NVH Analysis with stands for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness of a steering system. Noise, Vibration, and Harshness of a steering system are critical when it comes to driver experience and satisfaction, that's why we want to assure all our customers that we have full NVH testing capabilities.

  • Garage (Punkt)

       Nexteer is known for its in-house capabilities. In this garage our technicians are able to switch the steering system in any vehicle, we do it to perform a deeper analysis of the performance of the steering system inside the actual car. 

  • Laboratory (Punkt)

       It is critical for the Quality of our products to make sure that all machine components meet the drawing specifications.      Our laboratory is working 24h/day to provide a constant feedback to manufacturing on the floor. Precise and reliable measuring equipment is operated by qualified personnel, data is transferred electronically to the team leader desk – that allows us for a quick reaction in case of any problems.

  • Anechoic chamber (Punkt)

         One of the key aspects of a steering system is the noise performance, we monitor this using our Anechoic chambers. We have 3 newly build Anechoic chambers in Nexteer Poland.     Our NVH experts are able to collect data of pattern of any surface in the world then we can replicate the same condition here in our Anechoic chamber, that allows us to detect noise coming from the steering system.

  • Manufacturing contro... ... (Punkt)

        The high-quality manufacturing process requires stable and capable machinery and equipment, but even having good machinery we always have to follow our control plan.    The control plan is a document for our operators. The operators need to proceed with the gauges to measure and monitor the characteristics of the component they produce.   We use tode barkle and RFID for traceability purposes and data recording that allows us further data analysis in a case of any issues.

  • Grey room (Punkt)

       Modern Electric power steering systems include electronic circuits with has many fragile components, To ensure ISDC environment for those electronic components we use the gray room facility.   Motor and the controller are the most valuable components of the steering system that is why we have to pay special care and attention during the assembly process. Each power bank is individually tested and the data is recorded in our traceability database. 

  • Product delivery pro... ... (Punkt)

         Our customers want their products to be delivered in a specific time window according to the contract. The contract includes also the capacity that is why our manufacturing equipment must have a capacity to meet this demand including some flexibility in case of an increase. Our logistics departments are using an external warehouse for all incoming components.     Delivery to the line is arranged every 3 hours according to the kanban Loop.

  • Validation laborator... ... (Punkt)

       For steering systems the most important characteristic is the safety we want to make sure that both the driver and the passengers are safe while using the vehicle – that is why we have this validation laboratory in here using the different equipment we make sure that our systems provide the best safety performance for the driver.

  • Return material anal... ... (Punkt)

         We are in RMA, RMA stands for Return Material Analysis, in this office, our employees perform deep analysis of the steering systems returned by the customers. We are looking for any mechanical or electrical failures that have occurred. Nexteer engineers together with our customers are trying to find a root cause of all the issues and prevent them in the future.    Nexteer engineers together with our customers are trying to find a root cause of all the issues and prevent them in the future.

  • Engeneering center (Punkt)

     Well-educated and experienced engineering team is a key factor to success in the automotive industry, that's why in our newly open technical center in Nexteer Poland over 120 engineers are working every day to improve our products.